Le 11/03/2018 à 18:06, Glenn At Home a écrit :
I had this trouble with the same version on a live copy running from a thumb drive and on a laptop I had installed it to.
I just went back to 16.4.3.
But I'm glad to see that someone else had that, and it wasn't a corrupt download or something on my end.
Not that I'm glad you had the difficulty too though.

Could you restart the menu with "mate-panel --replace" from the run dialog (alt+f2) and tell me if it solves the issue for you ? If yes, I suspect the new greeter from Lightdm to be the culprit. Could you try to remove slick-greeter and install lightdm-gtk-greeter ? Be aware of potential issues when switching of greeter, I just advise you stuff I don't use myself because I'm on Debian and Debian uses lightdm-gtk-greeter by default.

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