Hello everyone,

I want to share something very important with you all.

I received a phone call from an ex-colleague's friend that:

1) A guy named Turjo Islam is calling himself the "chairman" of
"Ubuntu" in Bangladesh, pointing people to ubuntu.com as a reference
of how large the Ubuntu "company" is.
2) He said he has got WiMAX license and will be deploying it in Chittagong
3) He has grabbed money from a lot people as service change to setup
"Ubuntu ICT Centers" all around Chittagong
4) As I was told, he has ran away with the money and people are now
looking for him to give him a good bashing (গনধোলাই)

Here's the photographic evidence that I was provided:

I found the fraudster on LinkedIn this morning, and asked him why they
using the name "Ubuntu Bangladesh Ltd" as well as the trademarked
logo, and waiting for him to reply.

I'm definitely going to contact the legal department of Canonical, but
before that I want to know from our friends in Chittagong if they have
heard anything about them or not.  This is a serious allegation and we
must take some action.

Hoping to hear from you guys on this issue.


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