I have the same problem many of you are having. I simply want to know
what to do next. Do I find another OS until this is fixed... or use
Vista. At least Vista's stable on my machine.

As much as I don't like it, Vista's the only way I can remain half way
productive. My productivity is in the basement when I use my Jaunty. I
can't even open email without fear or a freeze up.

Using Konqueror in place of Firefox seems to reduce my freezeups, but
does NOT eliminate them. Not sure if this is KDE 4 or an Ubuntu issue...

It's to the point I'm telling people to stay away from Ubuntu until
these issues are fixed. I've also noticed magazines and ezines seem to
be saying the same thing. Locks up, or hangs, or freezes.

Any ideas????

jaunty freezes suddenly
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