Installing glipper or parcellite by default is not a fix, if we did
that, then we wouldn't have solved the problem that the specification
itself was designed to solve.

And the real reason this bug is not a papercut because it is not
trivial. If it was trivial then someone would have fixed it already.

Every bug comes down to a cost-benefit balance. If the cost of fixing it
is more than just living with it for every person, IT DOESN'T GET DONE.

A lot of you are asking stupid questions.. "why isnt it fixed, blah blah
blah, whine whine". Well it's simple, in the same way that the cost of
you learning how to program, studying the spec and implementing a fix
isn't worth your time (or money), then for exactly the same reason no
other dev has done it either.

Until someone has the necessary experience, time, or motivation to fix
this, it will just sit waiting. The occasional reminder on the bug
report is fine, but please, the best thing you can do is start learning
to code and maybe a few years down the line you'll be able to write the
patch yourself if it's so important to you.

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