Finaly I think I've found a break through on the problem of certain
ThinkPad adapters (MAC:0xa3, PHY: 0x61) recorded in this tread,
regarding the issue that they doesn't work with the default ath5k module
installed by *buntu. While trying to capture communication between the
adapter and a AP, I changed channel of the AP from a high channel to a
rather low one. Suddenly I was able to connect and transfer bandwidth
was now perfect (above 18 Mbps). After further testing I've found that
using channel 1 to 6 on the AP if okay, using channel 7 and 8 was
somewhat suspicious, and channel 9 to 13 was unusable.

So if you still experience the connection/performance issue and you have
configuration access to your AP, you could try changing the channel to
one between 1 and 6 (or 2.412 and 2.437 Mhz). This issue only concerns
this particular adapter, while other Atheros adapters types I've used do
not suffer from this excact issue.

Find if your driver is "ath5k" using : "lsmod | grep ath"
Find if your chipset is "MAC:0xa3 and PHY: 0x61" executing : "dmesg | grep -i 
Find what frequency in Mhz is used when connected : "nm-tool"

Please let us know if this solved the problem for you - thanks in

[Karmic Lucid] Atheros AR5211 - ath5k driver connection and performance issues
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