*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 1333630 ***

> Hi,

> Fake Name wrote:
> > This is a duplicate of
> > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/screen/+bug/1333630
> >
> > However, 1333630 is incorrectly marked as fix released,

> No. It is correctly marked as "fix released in Ubuntu" since this has
> been fixed "in Ubuntu" since release 15.04 Vivid.

So the "Supported" LTS is not "Ubuntu"?

> > and after a year of occationally attempting to get someone to notice
> > that 1333630 is not fixed, I'm giving up and opening a new bug in
> > hope of someone actually noticing.

> The question is: Is this bug severe enough to get the fix backported
> into Trusty's 4.1.0~20120320gitdb59704-9 version. So far nobody seems
> to have cared enough to make that effort. It seems no security issue,
> so the only way to get this fixed is via a "stable release update".
> See
> http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/security-and-stable-release-updates.html#stable-release-updates
> and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates for details about
> which bugs can get fixed in released versions of Ubuntu and how this
> should be done.

> > This was fixed fully one year ago. However, the version of screen that's
> > distributed as part of ubuntu

> Not "ubuntu", but "Ubuntu 14.04".

Still Ubuntu. Also, still "Supported"

> > is apparently **10** years old (Screen version 4.01.00devel (GNU)
> > 2-May-06).

> No. That was a "devel"opment snapshot where the version hasn't been
> bumped in the source code. Please the package version number which
> clearly states the date of the snapshot (from 2012).

> > Since 14.04 is ostensibly still supported, can someone please actually
> > support it, and upgrade the version of screen to something from the last
> > year?

> That probably needs someone creating a patched package, getting it
> reviewed and asking for inclusion into Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. (JFTR: I
> won't do that.)

> > There is screen 4.2.1 in trusty/backports, but 1) this bug was not fixed
> > until 4.3.0,

> But it has been fixed by cherry-picking the fix in the package version
> 4.2.1-3. It's though true that only contains the package version one
> before that: 4.2.1-2~ubuntu14.04.1 -- an update there might be easier
> to achieve since 15.04 Vivid already has 4.2.1-3.

Whatever has been claimed to have occurred, it didn't actually fix the
crash, and I still periodically encounter it and have it eat my screen
session on a new VM until i remember I have to build screen from source.

> I'll now mark this as duplicate of
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/screen/+bug/1333630 and
> hence as "fixed in Ubuntu" (which is not the same as "fixed in the
> current LTS release").

> If you really want to get this fixed in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, please
> follow the instructions in the guides listed above instead of opening
> new duplicates for already existing bug reports. Thanks!

I want it fixed in Ubuntu, not "just that one version of ubuntu".  From
what you're saying the only version of "Ubuntu" that is *actually*
ubuntu is whatever the latest version is, the rest are just ignored?
What part of that actually has support?

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  screen caught signal 11 core dumped

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