** Description changed:

  in cloud-init users can install packages via cloud-config:
  packages: [apache2]
  Due to some intricacies of systemd and service installation that doesn't work 
all that well.
  We fixed the issue for simple services that do not have any dependencies on 
other services, or at least don't check those dependencies well under bug 
  We'd like to have a way to fully support this in cloud-init.
  Related bugs:
   * bug 1575572:  apache2 fails to start if installed via cloud config (on 
   * bug 1611973: postgresql@9.5-main service not started if postgres installed 
via cloud-init
   * bug 1621336: snapd.boot-ok.service hangs eternally on cloud image upgrades 
(snapd packaging bug, but this cloud-init fix will workaround it)
   * bug 1620780: dev-sda2.device job running and times out
   * bug 1623570: Azure: cannot start walinux agent (Transaction order is 
  FIX for init-system-helpers: 
  REGRESSION POTENTIAL for init-system-helpers: This changes invoke-rc.d
  and service, two very central pieces of packaging infrastructure. Errors
  in it will break installation/upgrades of packages or /etc/network/if-
  up.d/ hooks and the like. This changes the condition when systemd units
  get started without their dependencies, and the condition gets weakened.
  This means that behaviour in a booted system is unchanged, but during
  boot this could change the behaviour of if-up.d/ hooks (although they
  have never been defined well during boot anyway). However, I tested this
  change extensively in cloud images and desktop installations
  (particularly I recreated https://bugs.debian.org/777113 and confirmed
  that this approach also fixes it) and could not find any regression.
  TEST CASE (for both packages):
     lxc launch ubuntu-daily:x --config=user.user-data="$(printf 
"#cloud-config\npackages: [postgresql, samba, postfix]")" x1
  This will install all three packages, but "systemctl status
  postgresql@9.5-main" will not be running.
  Now prepare a new image with the proposed cloud-init and init-system-
     lxc launch ubuntu-daily:x xprep
     lxc exec xprep bash
     # enable -proposed and dist-upgrade, then poweroff
     lxc publish xprep x-proposed
  Now run the initial lxc launch again, but against that new x-proposed
  image instead of the standard daily:
    lxc launch x-proposed --config=user.user-data="$(printf "#cloud-
  config\npackages: [postgresql, samba, postfix]")" x1
  You should now have "systemctl status postgresql@9.5-main" running.
  Directly after rebooting the instance, check that there are no hanging
  jobs (systemctl list-jobs), particularly networking.service, to ensure
  that https://bugs.debian.org/777113 did not come back.
  Also test interactively installing a package that ships a service, like
  "apache2", and verify that it starts properly after installation.
+ Verify that journalctl shows no dependency cycles and that all cloud
+ init services and the target are active:
+ $ systemctl list-units --no-legend --all 'cloud*'
+ cloud-config.service     loaded active exited Apply the settings specified in 
+ cloud-final.service      loaded active exited Execute cloud user/final scripts
+ cloud-init-local.service loaded active exited Initial cloud-init job 
+ cloud-init.service       loaded active exited Initial cloud-init job 
(metadata service crawler)
+ cloud-config.target      loaded active active Cloud-config availability
+ cloud-init.target        loaded active active Cloud-init target

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  fully support package installation in systemd

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