The discussion is finished, the way to handle this is now defined at

I'm prepping a ppa to run my newly created migration test suite against
it as well as the qa tests that we discussed.

There is the usual last-minute struggle to get all in, so the ppa is
based on the in-queue
that moves yakkety to 2.6.1 (which is great, thanks xnox!)

Please note that dev releases and especially wily is special.
It seems broken with the pc_compat_2_3 definition while the rest switched to 
NULL using the PC_COMPAT_ as well as the "15.04" string in its def we keep it 
as-is in Xenial being the unifying LTS. Everybody should already be off-wily 
anyway already.
According to the definition in the linked wiki u,v,w are dropped in yakkety as 
migrations (like an upgrade) have to go through Xenial.

ppa to test the fixed machine types is at

Test logs before the fix: - shows the failed way back from T->X->T - shows the lack of a proper default type

Test logs with the fixes in place: - shows still the same issue, but following 
the guidance in bug  1536487 that isn't expected to work - shows the fix to the expected types while 
not breaking any else

I asked smb to do his usual tests against that ppa as well to have some
extra coverage.

I will go on to add the planned powerpc and s390x parts, drop the
1536487 change and run the suite again.

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  qemu machine types broken in wily and missed to be updated in xenial
  and yakkety

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