** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+ The code that creates the $SNAP_USER_DATA directory in snap-confine is
+ prevented from running by the apparmor profile that confines snap-
+ confine itself when the home directory is encrypted and the user runs as
+ root, e.g. via sudo.
+ This bug is fixed by lowering the restrictions placed on apparmor rules
+ that govern access to the encrypted home directory files. The relevant
+ rules no longer requires the process (running as root) to match the
+ owner of the files (typically the owner of the home directory)
+ [Test Case]
+ The test case can be found here:
+ https://github.com/snapcore/snap-confine/blob/master/spread-tests/user-
+ data-dir-created/task.yaml
+ This test case needs to be executed manually on a computer with
+ encrypted home directory. Spread does not currently run in such a
+ configuration so a manual check is worth while.
+ [Regression Potential]
+  * Regression potential is minimal as the fix simply makes two apparmor
+ rules less restrictive. The change was reviewed and approved by the
+ security team.
+ [Other Info]
+ * This bug is a part of a major SRU that brings snap-confine in Ubuntu
+ 16.04 in line with the current upstream release 1.0.41.
+ * This bug was included in an earlier SRU and is now fixed in Ubuntu. I
+ am updating the template here to ensure that the process is fully
+ documented from 1.0.38 all the way up to the current upstream release
+ 1.0.41.
+ * snap-confine is technically an integral part of snapd which has an SRU
+ exception and is allowed to introduce new features and take advantage of
+ accelerated procedure. For more information see
+ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SnapdUpdates
+ == # Pre-SRU bug description follows # ==
  Because of the two apparmor rules on snap-confine, attempts to create
  user data directory from snap-confine will fail when the user is using
  new-style encrypted home directory and sudo to start a snap.
  1. sudo adduser --encrypt-home test-encrypted
  2. Ensure that the test-encrypted user can use sudo, e.g. add it to the sudo 
  3. Log in as test-encrypted user
  4. Install the hello-world snap
  5. Run sudo /snap/bin/hello-world
  6. Verify that `hello-world` fails to run
  7. Install snap-confine from xenial-propsoed
  8. verify that `hello-world` runs now
  The following patch makes the problem go away:
  diff --git a/debian/usr.bin.snap-confine b/debian/usr.bin.snap-confine
  index f3e6308..aeb17bd 100644
  --- a/debian/usr.bin.snap-confine
  +++ b/debian/usr.bin.snap-confine
  @@ -155,6 +155,6 @@
       owner @{HOME}/.Private/ r,
       owner @{HOME}/.Private/** mrixwlk,
       # new-style encrypted $HOME
  -    owner @{HOMEDIRS}/.ecryptfs/*/.Private/ r,
  -    owner @{HOMEDIRS}/.ecryptfs/*/.Private/** mrixwlk,
  +    @{HOMEDIRS}/.ecryptfs/*/.Private/ r,
  +    @{HOMEDIRS}/.ecryptfs/*/.Private/** mrixwlk,

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  cannot create $SNAP_USER_DATA when using ecryptfs and sudo

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