I agree - but making it really inconvenient to use a common business VPN
configuration, however outdated and ill advised it may be, isn't doing
Ubuntu as a distro any favours.

I get that StrongSwan wants to maintain a reputation for, well,
strength, but I'd consider the best place to encourage strength is on
the server - make it inconvenient for admins to configure weak VPNs, and
easier to configure strong ones, rather than make it downright awkward
for clients to connect. That places the burden firmly in the court of
those people who can actually do something to change things, and doesn't
just create a duplicated problem across many, many clients, who suffer a
loss of productivity as a result.

The majority of outcomes from that scenario will be...

* "Dammit, this piece of **** hippy OSS software doesn't work, I'm going back 
to Windows"
* Lots of fiddling around with config files or alternate VPN clients
* User contacts their network admin asking for changes and is told it's too 
much trouble (because they'll have to distribute new config to every user)

... many users will not feel inclined to question their network admin
because they don't want to attract hassle or think it's futile, many
will not be able to persuade them to change their setup, leaving only a
small minority of cases where change will be affected in exchange for a
lot of lost productivity.

Anyway, I've said my piece, I accept that as the project maintainer your
decisions about what code goes into your repo are final, and I'm not
interested in having a huge argument.

Since we've established that strongswan is not the package for IKEv1,
perhaps Ubuntu should consider, like RedHat, offering libreswan, which
AFAIK does have a working NetworkManager plugin that will support IKEv1.
The lack of this feature is a focus of #1457078, so I'm going to close
this as Invalid.

** Changed in: network-manager-strongswan (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Invalid

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