Well, sorry I did not mention that, but indeed, it also take a long time 
outside of mc.
Typically, a `stat -f /smb/lacie-cloudbox/myshare` is also slow.

Also, mc is not always slow on CIFS/SMB shares. At first sight, it seems
to depend on the server speed & load (nothing new here I guess).

So, to rephrase, the problem is not really that mc is slow on CIFS/SMB
shares, but is that it makes IO calls that are potentially slow, like
stat'ing a directory tree on the network. The problem I have is that I
heavily rely on mc for browsing directory structures, but sometimes,
when browsing over the network, I have to go to sub-shell because of
performance issue, and browse manually with `cd` commands, which is not

What I would like is to keep using mc for all browsing, and have mc not
doing any IO that might be potentially slow. Only do the minimum
necessary IO to display the current directory. For instance, I would
happily give up the display of the total used size / total available
size if that can speed up IO.

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  Slow start when current directory is on CIFS/SMB share

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