The failure happens in both yakkity and xenial (because both use Qt
5.6). The failure moves around. In the latest build, we got a failure on
xenial ppc64el (which is a first).

If we disable tests, we have to disable *all* integration tests that use
DBus for *both* xenial and yakkety. We haven't seen a failure on vivid
so far, and I don't expect that we will, seeing that vivid uses an
earlier version of Qt.

I'm uncomfortable about turning off tests wholesale like this though. In
particular, we have a lurking time bomb here. Absolutely anything that
uses QDBus with Qt 5.6 can blow up without warning. I'm fairly sure that
this is a race condition that shows up mainly because the timings when
we run on the build machines are different. So, we may end up with tons
of seemingly random failures in the field for anything that uses QDBus,
just because a machine is more heavily loaded than usual. Random
segfaults are very hard to debug if they are not reproducible :-(

Is there any chance of backing out of the Qt 5.6 upgrade? It doesn't
look like that version is ready for prime time yet.

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