Following discussion with Sean and Hemanth, it looks like we ought to
get fixes for this into supported branches of Cinder and Glance after
all. Hopefully getting them merged goes quickly now that Nova has
already trodden this ground and the fixes are basically identical
between them.

Assuming all fixes merge before Newton releases and prior to any stable
branch point releases, this is the updated proposed impact description.
I'm using our YAML format here both for convenience and clarity due to
the number of repos and releases involved. I've also shortened the title
and referenced the affected software in it.

Should I include a note about the updated versions of oslo.concurrency
required, or are the references to patches in consuming projects
sufficient for this purpose? I'd like to avoid unnecessary additional
complexity if possible here.


date: TBD

id: TBD

title: Malicious qemu-img input may exhaust resources in Cinder, Glance,

description: >
  Richard W.M. Jones of Red Hat reported a vulnerability that affects OpenStack
  Cinder, Glance and Nova. By providing a maliciously crafted disk image an
  attacker can consume considerable amounts of RAM and CPU time resulting in a
  denial of service via resource exhaustion. Any project which makes calls to
  qemu-img without appropriate ulimit restrictions in place is affected by this

  - product: cinder
    version: "<=7.0.2, >=8.0.0 <=8.1.1"
  - product: glance
    version: "<=11.0.1, ==12.0.0"
  - product: nova
    version: "<=12.0.4 and ==13.0.0"

  - cve-id: CVE-2015-5162

  - name: Richard W.M. Jones
    affiliation: Red Hat
      - CVE-2015-5162


    - (cinder)
    - (glance)
    - (cinder)
    - (glance)
    - (nova)
    - (cinder)
    - (glance)
    - (nova)
    - (cinder)
    - (glance)
    - (nova)

  - >
    Separate Ocata patches are listed for Cinder and Glance, as they were fixed
    during the Newton release freeze after it branched from master.

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  qemu-img calls need to be restricted by ulimit (CVE-2015-5162)

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