I just lost 3 days to this issue before I realized what was happening. I
realize this is an edge case, and understand the issues with fixing
this, but at least some type of better error messages would have helped
prevent that waste of time.

I was trying to setup a host to run docker with macvlan networks mapped
to vlan interfaces on a pair of USB ethernet adapters connected to a
BRIX used for testing. Couldn't get a bond on the pair to work, couldn't
figure out why, then tried for just VLAN interfaces, and that didn't
work either. Thought I was losing it, didn't seem that hard.

Not sure how I figured it out, but realized if I switched back to using
eth1, eth2 for the USB ethernet devices, using "net.ifnames=0
biosdevname=0" boot options + old-style mac-address rules to map, I
could get everything to work. But, wasn't happy with the workaround, as
I'd prefer to use the new predictable names.

I like the idea of using last 6 digits of Mac address. I thought of doing this:
sudo ln -s /dev/null /etc/udev/rules.d/73-usb-net-by-mac.rules
to go back to slot names, but if I plug into different ports, names change, so 

Perhaps some different prefix other than enx to avoid confusion,
usb123456 anyone?

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  USB NICs get too long name for ifupdown aliases or bridge names

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