** Description changed:

  Remote-root installs (eg. / over iscsi and similar) where the configuration 
is simple, and no extra parameters are included on the kernel command-line (as 
opposed to MaaS specifying everything).
  [Test case]
  1) do an installation with /boot on a local disk and / and swap over a remote 
LUN (iSCSI is simple to do).
  2) Update to initramfs-tools with isc-dhcp support.
  [Regression potential]
  This is in itself a fix for a regression found in initramfs-tools 
(0.125ubuntu4 on yakkety, or 0.122ubuntu8.2 on xenial). Failure to boot on a 
remote root filesystem would constitue a regression.
+ [Regressions]
+  bug 1631474: No networking with initramfs-tools 0.122ubuntu8.3 and ip=dhcp 
boot option 
  I did a new install with /boot on /dev/sda, and everything else (/ and
  swap) on an iSCSI LUN.
  Booting this with initramfs-tools using ipconfig works without issues.
  Booting this with initramfs-tools (0.125ubuntu4 on yakkety, or
  0.122ubuntu8.2 on xenial) fails because no interface is specified.
  This appears to be because ipconfig interprets "" as meaning to try
  every interface until one works (or all fail), whereas calling dhclient
  without an interface name simply returns a failure.

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  network booting fails for iscsi root if no ip is set

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