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In the oslo.messaging rabbit driver, there is a thread for heartbeats:

specifically, the three methods, _heartbeat_start, _heartbeat_stop,
and _heartbeat_thread_job.

In _heartbeat_start, it creates a threading.Event (this event ends up
being the root of the problem), a threading.Thread for the heartbeat
thread, and then starts the heartbeat thread.

The heartbeat thread does work, and then at the end executes:


The _heartbeat_stop method sets the exit event when the connection is
stopped, this is where it receives that and shuts down.

With the default heartbeat configuration, _heartbeat_wait_timeout ends
up being 15.0 seconds.  This sounds reasonable, but explodes under the

Event.wait() ultimately calls Condition.wait(), which runs this gem[1] of

    # Balancing act:  We can't afford a pure busy loop, so we
    # have to sleep; but if we sleep the whole timeout time,
    # we'll be unresponsive.  The scheme here sleeps very
    # little at first, longer as time goes on, but never longer
    # than 20 times per second (or the timeout time remaining).
    endtime = _time() + timeout
    delay = 0.0005 # 500 us -> initial delay of 1 ms
    while True:
        gotit = waiter.acquire(0)
        if gotit:
        remaining = endtime - _time()
        if remaining <= 0:
        delay = min(delay * 2, remaining, .05)

Now, the problem is that _sleep here is time.sleep, which has been
previously monkey-patched by eventlet to be eventlet.greenthread.sleep

When you call sleep() in eventlet, it adds a timer onto an internal
heap that it maintains[2].  When the main event loop runs, it checks
whatever the shortest timer is, and uses that delta as the argument
for waiting (this ultimately ends up to epoll_wait).  Here's the
crucial part of the code[3]:

    wakeup_when = self.sleep_until()
    if wakeup_when is None:
        sleep_time = self.default_sleep()
        sleep_time = wakeup_when - self.clock()
    if sleep_time > 0:

Because Condition.wait() uses such small sleep times between
0.0005..0.05, these tiny timers are almost always the next timer to
fire, and sleep_time above ends up being negative (or small enough to
practically be zero anyways).  The self.wait() call propagates down to
epoll_wait() and you get the behavior we're seeing.

So, the root of the problem is that using threading.Event inside of
eventlet is bad.


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