** Summary changed:

- [SRU] Juju 2-rc3 for Xenial
+ [SRU] Juju 2 GA

** Description changed:

- Juju 2.0 is not quite final, as per the risks and timeline outlined in
- the FFe for Xenial, bug 1545913. As such, we intend to release SRU's
- post-xenial release. This updates juju to an upgradeable RC which is
- usable for production deployments.
+ Juju 2.0 is now final! This upgrades juju to the GA release.
  [SRU Information]
  juju-core has a stable release exception, including for major version
  updates, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JujuUpdates.
  This update fixes the LXD regression affecting juju in xenial: bug 1614559.
- It also removes 32-bit packages and provides a debconf notice upon 
installation or upgrade. See 
https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2016-September/003882.html .
+ It also removes 32-bit packages and provides a debconf notice upon 
installation or upgrade. See 
Finally it adds a sysctl config to help the lxd provider: bug 1631038.
  In addition, numerous bug fixes have occurred bringing juju up to
- production readiness. This release can be upgraded to 2.0 GA which will
- release shortly.
+ production readiness.
  A full list of targeted bugs can be seen against the milestone, and the
  intervening milestones:
+ https://launchpad.net/juju/2.0/2.0.0
  Juju practices continuous integration and testing of the juju source tree. 
The results for this release can be seen here.
- http://reports.vapour.ws/releases/4456
+ http://reports.vapour.ws/releases/4486
  In addition, juju has adt test coverage for all supported archs,
- Specific to this package, the current test suite passes within our test
- infrastructure, as well as within yakkety.
  Finally, manual verification and testing of the package has been done
  per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JujuUpdates

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  [SRU] Juju 2 GA

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