>this is not a gcc bug. this is an ubuntu management specific arrogance
(and perhaps some cash from redmond with love) - of course it is
completely wrong to patch the kernel makefile because they decided to
ship a gcc unable to build the kernel itself (with wrong
defaults/specs). but like they said repeatedly, they are not a
democracy. also just like linus said repeatedly, fuck unubuntu!

ok thanks for you really nice and well proven point.

AFAICT also Fedora and other major linux distros are starting enabling pie by 
default, and probably more will come.

Unfortunately I don't want to answer why you are wrong, because I don't
want to feed the troll, and you didn't say anything worth an answer in
your post.

So, the answer will be generic to other people (who probably have more clues 
than you on the reasons).
pie is a security flag that is really important for an OS. Unfortunately asking 
maintainers to enable it resulted in not many adaptions, and many critical 
pieces of software without such hardening flag enabled.
Enabling by default in gcc sounded a better idea, and the side effect has been 
that virtualbox/kernel had to disable it manually to still build.

For this reason -f-no-pie has been created, and it should work with no issues.
And this bug/flag has been injected and the kernel is now fixed, so please move 

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  Cannot use CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR_STRONG: -fstack-protector-strong
  not supported by compiler

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