OK, maybe I was too quick on this one.
Just did a test with ubuntu-1604-xenial-v20161013 in GCE.

To reproduce, simply boot up a machine from that image and look at the 
The hostname in the log says "ubuntu" instead of the real machine hostname.

Sending a testlog with "logger testlog1" gives me this line in /var/log/syslog:
Oct 18 08:20:22 ubuntu igottwald: testlog 1

After that I do a "sudo pkill -HUP rsyslogd" and write another testlog with 
"logger testlog 2", then I see in /var/log/syslog:
Oct 18 08:26:32 test-ig1 igottwald: testlog 2

test-ig1 is the correct hostname.

Same is true if you build images with packer on-top of this image. The 
resulting images start with a hostname in the log which looks like 
"packer-bc6a04da-56ea-4982-aed6-664877993834" since this is the method of 
packer choosing random hostnames during image build.
Again once the rsyslogd is HUPed or restarted, the correct hostname is back 

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  Correct hostname not displayed in syslog after boot

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