Hi vaish123,
the patches you referred to initially are integrated already.
The same migration works for me - so we have to find what is different with 
your setup so that I can reproduce your issue and check what is going on.

Source log:
2016-10-09 14:12:40.947+0000: initiating migration
2016-10-09T14:13:10.066887Z qemu-system-ppc64: socket_writev_buffer: Got 
err=104 for (33578/18446744073709551615)

Destination Log:
2016-10-09T14:13:09.845186Z qemu-system-ppc64: terminating on signal 15 from 
pid 158142
2016-10-09 14:13:10.245+0000: shutting down

That is not a lot info :-/
The err=104 itself isn't too bad according to 
All other cases like that that I know of reported a more reasonable pointer to 
the issue after this message, but your logs have none.

There is a similar bug out there at 
This one was related to overloading the system to the extend that it can't 
respond anymore, but was never resolved. In my cases I usually have 50% guest 
vcpus and all host cpus busy and things still work fine - are you running more 
or any special load?

I don't know (is there?) a way to get to the logs that are in journal - so the 
sosreport isn't sufficient anyway.
I'd ask you to enable debug level logging for libvirt service on source&target 
and for virsh on source, see https://libvirt.org/logging.html
Run your case again (just the failing migration) and include the logfiles from 
"var/log/libvirt/qemu/" as well as the journal entries for libvirt ("journalctl 
-x -u libvirtd" or on former versions "journalctl -x -u libvirt-bin").

As I mentioned migration on 16.10 (and 16.04) on ppc64el works for me.
So we have to find what is different. I see that you drive it via
avocado - could you create a guest without it and migrate that one. I'd
be curious to see how that behaves on your system - and it might help to
spot the important difference to reproduce on our side.

Finally since your initial patches where applied it would be kind if you could 
open a new bug starting with your last post and refer to the bug here.
That would help to track those as the separate things they are.

1. open new bug with your last post being the start
2. mention the new bug number here, I'll transfer my reply then
3. report on your workload other than the migration itself that could lock up 
the machine
4. retest with debug level logging enabled
5. report with qemu (files) and libvirt logs (journal)
6. try to migrate a guest not created by avocado

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