I would chime in a bit on this too. 14.04 _did_ have such issues. In
fact, I had a physical box with static IP's (2 nics), if a cable was
unpligged, it would hang forever and also become inconsistent. I had
these discussions a year ago or so. Anyway, I had ot abandon ubuntu
server (along with some nft issues at the time) and run archlinux as my
xen host.

But I ran zfs as my xen backend, so on arch, I sometimes* could have
issues ~ once a year where it best be I had physical access to the box
to be able to fix any potential issues.

I am now going to move abroad and so I thought , with archlinux unpriv.
lxc containers out, to leave xen (as I don't have the expected network
output from the servers) to lxc. With arch and benig abroad, I think
ubuntu 16.04 now with systemd would have solved this (my server with
arch on xen has always gracefully sorted it out: ~1.5-2 years).

Seeing this bug and seein git has to do with ifup makes me think it's
partly a remnance from the older logic from sysv/upstart.

This probably doesn't help much butjust saying the ifup is a bit archaic
now that systemd is in use and is not evebn present in archlinux and
creates seemingly less problems.

I have only a brief moment before leaving so seeing this now worries me.

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  ifup does not block for interface to be up with static addresses

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