** Description changed:

  When purging the server package, the user should be given the option to
  remove data files. This is especially important if switching between
  MySQL and MariaDB, as they are not compatible, so not cleaning up after
  one is likely to make installation of the other fail.
  However, the dialogue for this is never shown.
  The cause is that there's a check that skips the dialog if the server
  binary exists (is executable), which never passes. It seems to have been
  copied from an old version (4.1) that had the logic in the metapackage
  mysql-server (Debian bug #307473).
- Checking the file shouldn't be needed any longer.
+ [Impact]
+ Users are never given the option to remove data files when purging the
+ package. This causes fairly significant issues for users wanting to go
+ from MariaDB to MySQL or vice-versa, since the two packages occupy the
+ same data directories, but are not compatible with each other.
+ The fix removes the useless file check, so users are given the data
+ removal option when purging the package.
+ [Test case]
+ Install mysql-server package, then purge it.
+ [Regression Potential]
+ This change has been in Yakkety for some time (5.7.15-0ubuntu2).
+ It's possible that a user might have a MySQL server installed in some
+ other way not covered by the package system, so they wouldn't want to
+ purge data, but this will only give the option to do so.

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  Users are never given option to remove data files

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