Thanks for the update Breno,

I like it now:
- all I referred to is fixed.
- The changes are only to Ubuntu Delta (kvm wrapper and qemu-kvm-init are 
current Delta anyway);
  so no extra need to sync (other than our efforts to sync anyway)
- changes are local to only ppc code (so nearly no chance to affect others in a 
bad way)
- no bad effect on the service anymore
- the new dependency to powerpc-utils is local to qemu-system-ppc for now

Remaining comments on further review:
- Dependencies: the init script is part of qemu-system-common which can be 
installed without 
  qemu-system-ppc (for not much use cases I think, but possible). That means 
that would need the  
  new dependency as well to be sure we are not having an init script which runs 
into "program not 
  found" issues.
- the kvm wrapper is part of qemu-kvm package which already has a dependency to 
  but still this might change, so I'd rather add the dependency there. This is 
a bit trickier, as 
  the package exists for powerpc and ppc64el, but powerpc-utils does not exist 
for the former.   
  Yet your usage of the tool is safe behind a check to uname -m == ppc64*.
  Due to that we "only" have to move the Dependency to qemu-kvm instead of 
- the use of logger in the kvm wrapper is already covered by the lsb-base 
depend which is auto-added
- you also had some whitespace damage in the init script (trailing whitespace)
- double spaces on the message
- the Changelog did not mention the kvm wrapper

I fixed all those issues up for you and prepared an upload as I'd be
sponsoring it given your ack.

Please check out the debdiff attached here and the ppa at
messaging and let me know if this shall become your upload?

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  Improve qemu message when SMT != off

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