I saw the "System Settings > Security & Privacy > Diagnostics > Show
Previous Reports" in the doc, but I don't know yet how to reproduce it
on xubuntu. If you got a URL or a command line to start it, it would be
a great help. Not really important, but it could help, I will read the
doc more deeper, I may found it.

For our bug here:

The brother multifunction is configured as a network device using wifi
on the local wifi router as my laptop. I assigned it a fixed dhcp IP
address. We have 5 computers using it, 1 ubuntu and 4 xubuntu, as
printer as well as a scanner. I installed all computer following the
same documentation.

I currently use a VM running xubuntu 16.04 on my laptop, in order to

The following may not be part of the problem, but I don't know :

I also noticed some network change in xubuntu 16.10 which introduce some
problems related to printer : /etc/nsswitch.conf : I can't use anymore
detected netbios name published by the printer itself to setup the
printer device in the printing area. It was not involved into scanning,
as far as I now, because I always using IP to configure brscan3. Now I
also need to use IP for the printer config, before it was :
dnssd://Brother DCP-J715W._pdl-datastream._tcp.local/ now I use :

Back to the scanner, there's also a lib64/lib32 error/mistake in brother
path install, I must copy the lib at the good emplacement.

Here's my own doc:

sudo brsaneconfig3  -a  name=scanner   model=DCP-J715W  ip=
sudo brsaneconfig3 -p
test scanner
ping -w 10

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

copy 64bits lib:

cd /usr/lib64/
sudo cp -r . /usr/lib

I recently installed 4 computers on xubuntu 16.04, they all worked, plus
my own VM.

Hope that helps, tell me if I can produce more dump, or something.

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  [Brother DCP-J715W] core dumped executing scanimage -L

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