** Description changed:

  UKUI is a lightweight desktop environment for Ubuntu Kylin. It provides a 
simpler and more enjoyable experience for browsing, searching, and managing 
your computer. UKUI is a fork of MATE desktop environment, so the packages are 
also forks from those of MATE. We have to fork a new road for the following 
  (1) Most Chinese users are more familiar with interfaces similar to Windows. 
UKUI has reimplemented key interfaces such as menu, indicator, panel, control 
center etc. We ever released a preview version on 16.04 and received a lot of 
positive feedbacks.
  (2) UKUI has made many many code and configuration changes from MATE. Those 
changes are not consistent with the design of MATE.
  (3) The further goal of UKUI is to simplify and unify the user interfaces and 
desktop development interface libraries which may make the desktop more 
compatible and  acceptable.
  Until now, we have rewrote the main user interfaces and changed the
  conflicts between UKUI and MATE. We have checked that UKUI can coexist
  with mate and has no effects on other packages.
  Homepage: http://www.ukui.org
  Source: https://github.com/ukui
  PPA: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntukylin-members/+archive/ubuntu/ukui
       Adding this PPA to your system:
       sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntukylin-members/ukui
  The packages relationship between UKUI and mate are listed in the following 
   ukui-desktop-environment        mate-desktop-environment
   ukui-menu                       mate-menu
   ukui-indicators                 mate-idicators
   Changed the interface and layout:
   peony                           caja
   ukui-control-center             mate-control-center
   ukui-screensaver                mate-screensaver
-  ukui-panel                      mate-panel
-  Replaced the string "mate" with "ukui" now:
-  ukui-power-manager              mate-power-manager
-  ukui-polkit                     mate-polkit
-  ukui-utils                      mate-utils
+  Our own session:
+  ukui-session-manager           mate-session-manager
  The detail descriptions of those packages are showed as below:
  The UKUI Desktop Environment contains those packages:
  1. ukui-desktop-environment
  This package depends on a very basic set of programs that are necessary to
  start a UKUI desktop environment session.
  URL: https://github.com/ukui/ukui-desktop-environment
  License: GPL-2+
  2. ukui-menu
  Bug #1664229
  3. ukui-indicators
  Bug #1664232
  4. peony
  Bug #1664235
- 5. ukui-panel
- Bug #1664236
- 6. ukui-control-center
+ 5. ukui-control-center
  Bug #1664244
- 7. ukui-screensaver
+ 6. ukui-screensaver
  Bug #1664247
- 8. ukui-power-manager
- Bug #1664254
- 9. ukui-utils
- Bug #1664263
- 10. ukui-session-manager
+ 7. ukui-session-manager
  Bug #1664256

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