On Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 05:12:48AM -0000, Balint Reczey wrote:
> I agree that the patch became obsolete in Ubuntu unless someone tries
> running the package on a very old kernel, which may happen in case of
> some SoC systems. For example this SoC is still shipping but it uses a
> kernel based on v3.4: http://linux-
> sunxi.org/Linux_Kernel#Kernel_versions

However, running Ubuntu on these systems is not supported.  It's true that
Linux 3.4 is currently the baseline kernel for Ubuntu userspace because that
was the kernel used in various Android BSPs for Ubuntu Phone enablement, but
that is not a requirement going forward.  There's no expectation of
compatibility between Ubuntu userspace and arbitrary third-party SoC
kernels, and even if there were, this is a very niche use case
(kerberos-authenticated NFS clients) and it's been agreed that the bug is in
the kernel.  We shouldn't feel obligated to carry a workaround for a bug in
kernels we don't ship.

> Dropping the patch can also cause failure on systems passing -e as an
> option thus we may need to keep the -e option at least as a noop for
> some time.

I don't think this is a requirement at all.  This is a non-default option,
and the removal of the option will happen only as part of a release upgrade,
the point at which the behavior of the system with regard to config handling
is not expected to remain consistent.  I would say that at most, this should
be a Debian.NEWS entry.

> Because of the reasons above I kept the patch for the merge and I think
> it would be reasonable to keep it.

I'm ok to sponsor this as-is for now, but could you please follow through
with a plan for removal of the patch?

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