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syncpackage: Source crash -> artful/Proposed: current version 7.1.8-1ubuntu2, 
new version 7.1.9-1
syncpackage: New changes:
crash (7.1.9-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Patch from Balint Reczey <rbal...@ubuntu.com>: Build crash on all Linux
    architectures (Closes: #763856, #757450)

  * Patch from Balint Reczey <rbal...@ubuntu.com>: Continuous integration
    tests can fail due to missing packages for the running kernel and missing
    *-updates packages (Closes: #869367)

  * Fixes to address three gcc-7.0.1 compiler warnings that are generated when
    building with "make warn".  The warning types are "[-Wnonnull]" in
    filesys.c, and "[-Wformat-overflow=]" in kernel.c and cmdline.c.

  * Fix for the PPC64 "mach -o" option to update the OPAL console buffer size
    from 256K to 1MB, based upon the latest skiboot firmware source.

  * Fix for the "mod -[sS]" option to prevent the erroneous reassignment of
    one or more symbol values of a kernel module.  Without the patch, when
    loading a kernel module, a message may indicate "mod: <module>: last
    symbol: <symbol> is not _MODULE_END_<module>?" may be displayed, and one
    or more symbols may be reassigned an incorrect symbol value.  If none of
    the erroneous symbol value reassignments are beyond the end of the
    module's address space, then there will be no message.

  * Linux 4.10 commit 401721ecd1dcb0a428aa5d6832ee05ffbdbffbbe finally exports
    the x86_64 "phys_base" value in the VMCOREINFO note, so utilize it
    whenever it exists.

  * Implemented a new "log -a" option that dumps the audit logs remaining in
    kernel audit buffers that have not been copied out to the user-space audit

  * Fix for the "kmem <address>" option and the "search" command in x86_64
    kernels that contain, or have backports of, kernel commit
    7c1da8d0d046174a4188b5729d7579abf3d29427, titled "crypto: sha - SHA1
    transform x86_64 AVX2", which introduced an "_end" text symbol.  Without
    the patch, if a base kernel symbol address that is larger than the "_end"
    text symbol is passed to "kmem <address>", its symbol/filename information
    will not be displayed.  Also, when the "search" command scans the
    __START_KERNEL_map region that contains kernel text and static data, the
    search will be truncated to stop at the "_end" text symbol address.

  * Enhancement for the determination of the ARM64 "kimage_voffset" value in
    Linux 4.6 and later kernels if an ELF format dumpfile does not contain its
    value in a VMCOREINFO note, or when running against live systems using
    /dev/mem, /proc/kcore, or an older version of /dev/crash.

  * Optimization of the "kmem -f <address>" and "kmem <r;address>" options to
    significantly reduce the amount of time to complete the buddy allocator
    free-list scan for the target address.  On very large memory systems, the
    patch may reduce the time spent by several orders of magnitude.

  * Fix for a compilation error if glibc-2.25 or later has been installed on
    the host build machine.  Without the patch, the build fails with the error
    message "amd64-linux-nat.c:496:1: error: conflicting types for

  * Fix for the "list -[hH]" options if a list_head.next pointer is
    encountered that contains an invalid NULL pointer.  Without the patch, the
    "list -[hH]" options would complete/continue as if the NULL were a
    legitimate end-of-list indicator, and no error would be reported.

  * Provide basic Huge Page usage as part of "kmem -i" output, showing the
    total amount of memory allocated for huge pages, and the amount of the
    total that is free.

  * Fix for the determination of the x86_64 "phys_base" value when it is not
    passed in the VMCOREINFO data of ELF vmcores.  Without the patch, it is
    possible that the base address of the vmalloc region is unknown and
    initialized to an incorrect default address during the very early stages
    of initialization, which causes the parsing of the PT_LOAD segments for
    the START_KERNEL_map region to fail.

  * Fix for the "dis" command to detect duplicate symbols in the case of a
    "symbol+offset" argument where the duplicates are contiguous in the symbol
    list.  In addition, reject "symbol+offset" arguments if the resultant
    address goes beyond the end of the function.

  * Fix for the "set scope" option if the kernel was configured with
    CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE.  Without the patch, the command fails with the
    message "set: gdb cannot find text block for address: <symbol>".  This
    also affects extension modules that call gdb_set_crash_scope() when
    running with KASLR kernels.

  * Fix for the extensions/trace.c extension module to account for Linux 4.7
    kernel commit 9b94a8fba501f38368aef6ac1b30e7335252a220, which changed the
    ring_buffer_per_cpu.nr_pages member from an int to a long.  Without the
    patch, the trace.so extension module fails to load on big-endian machines,
    indicating "extend: Num of pages is less than 0".

  * Fix for the extensions/trace.c extension module when running on the ppc64
    architecture.  Without the patch, the trace.so extension module fails to
    load, indicating "extend: invalid text address: ring_buffer_read".  On the
    ppc64 architecture, the text symbol is ".ring_buffer_read".

  * Fix for the ARM64 "bt" command.  Without the patch, the backtrace of a
    non-panicking active task generates a segmentation violation when
    analyzing Android 4.4-based dumpfiles.

 -- Troy Heber <tr...@debian.org>  Wed, 26 Jul 2017 12:37:08 -0600

crash (7.1.8-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Enable lzo and snappy compression (Closes: #860319)

 -- Troy Heber <tr...@debian.org>  Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:25:16 -0600
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