** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+  * Guest definitions that uses locked memory + hugepages fail to spawn
+  * Backport upstream fix to solve that issue
  root@buneary:~# lsb_release -a
  No LSB modules are available.
  Distributor ID:       Ubuntu
  Description:  Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
  Release:      16.04
  Codename:     xenial
  root@buneary:~# uname -r
  Reproducible also with the 4.4 kernel.
- [Description]
+ [Detailed Description]
  When a guest memory backing stanza is defined using the <locked/> stanza + 
  as follows:
        <page size='1' unit='GiB' nodeset='0'/>
        <page size='1' unit='GiB' nodeset='1'/>
  (Full guest definition: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25229162/)
  The guest fails to start due to the following error:
  2017-08-02 20:25:03.714+0000: starting up libvirt version: 1.3.1, package: 
1ubuntu10.12 (Christian Ehrhardt <christian.ehrha...@canonical.com> Wed, 19 Jul 
2017 08:28:14 +0200), qemu version: 2.5.0 (Debian 1:2.5+dfsg-5ubuntu10.14), 
hostname: buneary.seg
  LC_ALL=C PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin 
QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none /usr/bin/kvm-spice -name reproducer2 -S -machine 
pc-i440fx-2.5,accel=kvm,usb=off -cpu host -m 124928 -realtime mlock=on -smp 
32,sockets=16,cores=1,threads=2 -object 
 -numa node,nodeid=0,cpus=0-15,memdev=ram-node0 -object 
 -numa node,nodeid=1,cpus=16-31,memdev=ram-node1 -uuid 
2460778d-979b-4024-9a13-0c3ca04b18ec -no-user-config -nodefaults -chardev 
 -mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=control -rtc base=utc -no-shutdown 
-boot strict=on -device piix3-usb-uhci,id=usb,bus=pci.0,addr=0x1.0x2 -drive 
 -chardev pty,id=charserial0 -device isa-serial,chardev=charserial0,id=serial0 
-vnc -device cirrus-vga,id=video0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x2 -device 
virtio-balloon-pci,id=balloon0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x4 -msg timestamp=on
  Domain id=14 is tainted: host-cpu
  char device redirected to /dev/pts/1 (label charserial0)
  mlockall: Cannot allocate memory
  2017-08-02T20:25:37.732772Z qemu-system-x86_64: locking memory failed
  2017-08-02 20:25:37.811+0000: shutting down
  This seems to be due to the setrlimit for RLIMIT_MEMLOCK is too low for 
  to work given the large amount of memory.
  There is a libvirt upstream patch that enforces the existence of the
  hard_limit stanza when using with <locked/> in the memory backing settings.
  Memory locking can only work properly if the memory locking limit
  for the QEMU process has been raised appropriately: the default one
  is extremely low, so there's no way the guest will fit in there.
  The commit
  is also required when using hugepages and the locked stanza.
- [Test Case] 
-  * Define a guest that uses the following stanzas (See for a full guest 
reference: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25288141/)
+ [Test Case]
+  * Define a guest that uses the following stanzas (See for a full guest 
reference: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25288141/)
-   <memory unit='GiB'>120</memory>
-   <currentMemory unit='GiB'>120</currentMemory>
+   <memory unit='GiB'>120</memory>
+   <currentMemory unit='GiB'>120</currentMemory>
-   <memoryBacking>
-     <hugepages>
-       <page size='1' unit='GiB' nodeset='0'/>
-       <page size='1' unit='GiB' nodeset='1'/>
-     </hugepages>
-     <nosharedpages/>
-     <locked/>
-   </memoryBacking>
+   <memoryBacking>
+     <hugepages>
+       <page size='1' unit='GiB' nodeset='0'/>
+       <page size='1' unit='GiB' nodeset='1'/>
+     </hugepages>
+     <nosharedpages/>
+     <locked/>
+   </memoryBacking>
  * virsh define guest.xml
  * virsh start guest.xml
  * Without the fix, the following error will be raised and the guest
  will not start.
  root@buneary:/home/ubuntu# virsh start reproducer2
  error: Failed to start domain reproducer2
  error: internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: mlockall: 
Cannot allocate memory
  2017-08-11T03:59:54.936275Z qemu-system-x86_64: locking memory failed
  * With the fix, the error shouldn't be displayed and the guest started
  [Suggested Fix]
+ [Regression Potential] 
+  * There is one (theoretical) thing to think of - the change increases  
+    the lock resource limits for the spawned qemu. Maybe that could be 
+    used as an attack. Fortunately  the defnition does have neither 
+    locked nor hugepages by default so opt-in, and while the guest can 
+    do all kind of things when exploited it can only hardly change it's 
+    (virtual) physical memory to increase what the host might be locking. 
+    Yet worth to mention IMHO
+  * The general regression is rather low as I said "locked" is not 
+    default and the code path is only affecting domains configured that 
+    way. That makes the change rather safe for the overall user - and the 
+    one using locked likely need it.

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  Realtime feature mlockall: Cannot allocate memory

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