Pre-requisite changes: 
5707b46a4206 x86/intel_rdt: Remove redundant ternary operator on return -> tip 
24247aeeabe9 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Improve limbo list processing -> tip 
bbc4615e0b7d x86/intel_rdt/mbm: Fix MBM overflow handler during CPU hotplug -> 
a9110b552d44 x86/intel_rdt: Modify the intel_pqr_state for better performance 
-> tip 
eda61c265f36 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Clear the default RMID during hotcpu -> tip 
0dd2d7494cd8 x86/intel_rdt: Show bitmask of shareable resource with other 
executing units -> tip 
e33026831bdb x86/intel_rdt/mbm: Handle counter overflow -> tip 
a4de1dfdd726 x86/intel_rdt/mbm: Add mbm counter initialization -> tip 
9f52425ba303 x86/intel_rdt/mbm: Basic counting of MBM events (total and local) 
-> tip 
895c663ecef1 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add CPU hotplug support -> tip 
748b6b881ccd x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add sched_in support -> tip 
4be6c078428b x86/intel_rdt: Introduce rdt_enable_key for scheduling -> tip 
4af4a88e0c92 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add mount,umount support -> tip 
f3cbeacaa06e x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add rmdir support -> tip 
f9049547f7e7 x86/intel_rdt: Separate the ctrl bits from rmdir -> tip 
d89b7379015f x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add mon_data -> tip 
90c403e83101 x86/intel_rdt: Prepare for RDT monitor data support -> tip 
a9fcf8627dc0 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add cpus file support -> tip 
b09d981b3f34 x86/intel_rdt: Prepare to add RDT monitor cpus file support -> tip 
d6aaba615a48 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add tasks file support -> tip 
0734ded1abee x86/intel_rdt: Change closid type from int to u32 -> tip 
c7d9aac61311 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add mkdir support for RDT monitoring -> tip 
65b4f403057e x86/intel_rdt: Prepare for RDT monitoring mkdir support -> tip 
d4ab33201029 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add info files for RDT monitoring -> tip 
5dc1d5c6bac2 x86/intel_rdt: Simplify info and base file lists -> tip 
edf6fa1c4a95 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add RMID (Resource monitoring ID) management -> 
6a445edce657 x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Add RDT monitoring initialization -> tip 
dd131853f3fb x86/intel_rdt: Make rdt_resources_all more readable -> tip 
1b5c0b758317 x86/intel_rdt: Cleanup namespace to support RDT monitoring -> tip 
cb2200e967c6 x86/intel_rdt: Mark rdt_root and closid_alloc as static -> tip 
0583020456ce x86/intel_rdt: Change file names to accommodate RDT monitor code 
-> tip 
f01d7d51f577 x86/intel_rdt: Introduce a common compile option for RDT -> tip 
1640ae9471ae x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Documentation for resctrl based RDT Monitoring 
-> tip 
c39a0e2c8850 x86/perf/cqm: Wipe out perf based cqm -> tip

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