Some apps do not need those, as they get all functions from header-bar
buttons and gear menu like Gnome-Calendar.

But for some header-bar apps as you know, preference is not under gear
menu. If a user enables LIM in Unity (which is a very popular feature)
they won't have access to preference or any other app-menus.


a) Make gtk-shell-show-app-menu = true, but that can't be done from
Unity. One has to login to shell to use that particular feature of the

b) Patch calendar and sudoku not to use headerbar in Unity.

About (b):

I don't think maintenance would that difficult compared to other things
that Unity patches. Gnome simply uses

    gtk_window_set_titlebar (GTK_WINDOW (window),

which is well documented, supported feature of gtk-3 api. If we disable
that part it will fall back decorating windows server side.

Since gtk-3 api declared stable the patch will keep working as long as
they are compiled against gtk-3.

I can patch those default apps.But atm, I am waiting to reach a conformation. I 
have no problem going with (a).

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  Remove patch to remove headerbar

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