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We're seeing a problem now when running livecd-rootfs in bionic with
kpartx from 0.7.4-2ubuntu1. The issue appears to be the result in a
change in output of kpartx, as a result, the /dev/loop devices are not
getting deleted. The best data I have from this so far is a comparison
between old and current build logs. The old logs showed:

++ kpartx -v -d binary/boot/disk-uefi.ext4
+ kpartx_stdout='del devmap : loop0p15
del devmap : loop0p14
del devmap : loop0p1
loop deleted : /dev/loop0'
+ echo 'del devmap : loop0p15
del devmap : loop0p14
del devmap : loop0p1
loop deleted : /dev/loop0'

Thew new logs show:

++ kpartx -v -d binary/boot/disk-uefi.ext4
+ kpartx_stdout=
+ echo ''

The code being run is from the 'functions' in lp:livecd-rootfs. In the current 
runs, kpartx_stdout is an empty string:

clean_loops() {
    local kpartx_ret
    local kpartx_stdout

    if [ -n "${backing_img}" ]; then
        # sync before removing loop to avoid "Device or resource busy" errors
        kpartx_stdout=$(kpartx -v -d "${backing_img}") || kpartx_ret=$?
        echo "$kpartx_stdout"
        if [ -n "$kpartx_ret" ]; then
            if echo "$kpartx_stdout" | grep -q "loop deleted"; then
                echo "Suppressing kpartx returning error (#860894)"
                exit $kpartx_ret
        unset backing_img

    if [ -z "${rootfs_dev_mapper}" ]; then
        return 0

    unset loop_device
    unset loop_raw
    unset rootfs_dev_mapper

I am doing some further debugging on this and am trying to reproduce
this outside of launchpad. I am not able to post a full build log. But I
can probably post a longer 'sanitized' bit.

** Affects: multipath-tools (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  kpartx output has changed in 0.7.4-2ubuntu1 package

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