A more useful example based on the comment in open-vm-

** Patch added: "bionic_gnome-themes-standard_3.22.3-3ubuntu2.debdiff"

** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+  * The default tools.conf template shipped with the Ubuntu package is
+ useless - it gets cleared on the first run as it contains an
+ unrecognized content.
+ [Test Case]
+  * Install open-vm-tools.
+  * Check contents of /etc/vmware-tools/tools.conf.
+  * Start vmtoolsd service e.g. by systemctl start open-vm-tools.
+  * Check tools.conf contents again.
+ Expected result:
+ Config is read an left untouched.
+ Actual result:
+ Config file is cleared.
+ [Regression Potential]
+  * If any of the parameters in the template is set to a non-default value
+ the behaviour of vmtoolsd may change slightly (e.g. different log verbosity, 
log target - file vs. syslog).
+ [Other Info]
+  * Original bug description:
  The tools.conf template shipped with Ubuntu (debian/local/tools.conf) is
  It's current contents:
  bindir = "/usr/bin"
  do not mean anything to open-vm-tools - it's not interpreted in any way by 
  Moreover, on the first launch this content is cleared by a piece of code
  doing a "config upgrade".
  I believe replacing it with a more meaningful content is necessary.

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  incorrect tools.conf template is shipped with Ubuntu

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