Public bug reported:


Users can't upgrade to next Ubuntu release running the upgrade GUI under 
Wayland if a full upgrade fails and update-manager fails back to a partial 
The backport is needed to let Artful users to upgrade to Bionic without 
applying workarounds manually.

[Test Case]

1. Install 17.10 and all the updates available
2. TODO: Make changes to make the full upgrade fail and as a result 
update-manager fall back to partial upgrade.
3. Start a wayland session (Ubuntu in GDM)
4. Check that root is not listed in xhost output:
  $ xhost
  access control enabled, only authorized clients can connect
5. If root is present, remove it:
  $ xhost -si:localuser:root
  localuser:root being removed from access control list
  $ xhost
  access control enabled, only authorized clients can connect
6. open a terminal and run the following command:
  $ update-manager -cd
7. When you're prompted to upgrade to 18.04, accept and proceed.
  Expected result on fixed version: Upgrade starts.
  Result on unfixed version: The GUI crashes.

[Test Case (for regressions)]

Repeat the test cases running under (Ubuntu on Xorg in GDM) and check 
a. Upgrade still works
b. xhost output is not modified

[Regression Potential]

The upgrade GUI may crash in a different way when applying the workaround fails.
Do-partial-upgrade may fail to detect development or versions to upgrade to.
The workaround "xhost +si:localuser:root" may be added under Xorg as well

[Other Info]
This bug covers performing a a partial upgrade which case is not covered int 
the fix for LP: #1732185 .

** Affects: update-manager (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Tags: dist-upgrade

** Tags added: dist-upgrade

** Branch linked: lp:~rbalint/update-manager/do-release-upgrade-without-

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   do-partial-upgrade crashed with SIGSEGV under wayland

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