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> Could you please re-test with a kernel from the Ubuntu archives and report
> back here if you are able to reproduce the failures.

With the mailine kernel 4.16-rc1 on Ubuntu 18.04, the following issues are 

not ok 1..1 selftests:  copy_unaligned [FAIL]
not ok 1..3 selftests:  paste_unaligned [FAIL]
not ok 1..4 selftests:  paste_last_unaligned [FAIL]
not ok 1..1 selftests:  cp_abort [FAIL]
not ok 1..2 selftests:  subpage_prot [FAIL]
not ok 1..1 selftests:  reg_access_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..2 selftests:  event_attributes_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..3 selftests:  cycles_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..4 selftests:  cycles_with_freeze_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..5 selftests:  pmc56_overflow_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..6 selftests:  ebb_vs_cpu_event_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..7 selftests:  cpu_event_vs_ebb_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..8 selftests:  cpu_event_pinned_vs_ebb_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..9 selftests:  task_event_vs_ebb_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..10 selftests:  task_event_pinned_vs_ebb_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..11 selftests:  multi_ebb_procs_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..12 selftests:  multi_counter_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..13 selftests:  pmae_handling_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..14 selftests:  close_clears_pmcc_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..15 selftests:  instruction_count_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..16 selftests:  fork_cleanup_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..17 selftests:  ebb_on_child_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..18 selftests:  ebb_on_willing_child_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..19 selftests:  back_to_back_ebbs_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..20 selftests:  lost_exception_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..21 selftests:  no_handler_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..22 selftests:  cycles_with_mmcr2_test [FAIL]
not ok 1..10 selftests:  tm-unavailable [FAIL]
not ok 1..11 selftests:  tm-trap [FAIL]


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  few kernel selftest failed on Ubuntu 17.10

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