One month ago I upgraded Virtualbox from 5.2.4 to 5.2.6. While I was upgrading 
Vbox Guest Additions in my VMs to 5.2.6, I detected that that 5.2.6 Guest 
additions introduced a serious boot/login problem for all my VMs. So as a 
work-around I kept all my VMs at Guest Additions 5.2.4. I reported that problem 
to Oracle here: 
In that long discussion between various persons about the problem, other 
work-arounds had been proposed too. I detected yesterday that other people used 
"beta" 5.2.7 to solve the problem.

We are dealing with 2 separate problems:
- one is the boot/login problem of the Vbox Guest Additions 5.2.6, reported to 
Oracle one month ago. That problem occurs in all my VMs and all my distros. My 
work-around was stick to Guest Additions 5.2.4.
- the other is the window maximising problem with Vbox Guest Additions 5.2.4 
reported to you only occurring in Ubuntu Gnome 17.10 and 18.04. Work-arounds 
are stop using 3D acceleration, if you do not need the performance improvement 
of that 3D acceleration. If you need the performance improvement of that 3D 
acceleration use any other distro, since the problem only occurs in Ubuntu 

I detected today that Vbox Guest Additions 5.2.7 was available. So I thought 
maybe I get lucky and it also solves the window maximising problem, so I tried 
it. It did not solve that problem. All the time my Host remained at Vbox 5.2.6.

I removed virtualbox-guest-x11. I did not realise, that it was the Ubuntu 
version of Vbox Guest Additions. I always install Vbox Guest Additions through 
its ISO file, since it then also nicely removes the currently installed 
version. In general Ubuntu is a full release behind with respect to Virtualbox. 
Ubuntu's current Vbox release for Ubuntu 17.10 is 5.1.30, while Ubuntu 18.04 
uses Vbox 5.2.6. I tried your advice at Ubuntu 18.04. That installed Vbox Guest 
Additions 5.2.6, so it is completely understandable, that the login problem 
reported to Oracle a month ago reappeared. 

As Ubuntu you have learned I think four things from this confusion:
- Avoid Vbox Guest Additions 5.2.6 in Ubuntu 18.04. Stick to Vbox 5.2.4 or push 
Oracle for 5.2.8.
- I would talk to Oracle about the quality of their regression testing in the 
light of your new philosophy with respect to more integration of the Vbox Guest 
Additions as reported by e.g. OMG Ubuntu. 
- Maybe you should only update the host versions in your repository and leave 
the update of the Guest to the current Oracle mechanisms. They store the 
correct guest ISO file somewhere in the Linux file system of the host and make 
it available to the guest through the Host devices menu "Insert Guest Additions 
CD image". They warn you about outdated guests through notification, but leave 
the upgrade decision to you. I love that mechanism.
- You still have a separate "windows maximising" problem in Ubuntu Gnome.

I will download the 5.1.30 Guest Additions ISO file and try that one in
Ubuntu 17.10.

** Bug watch added: Virtualbox Trac #17463

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