** Description changed:

  xrdp is in Universe and has no deps outside of main.  xorgxrdp is built
  from the same source package.
  We want to make Ubuntu (desktop) integrate well in to as many other
  operating systems as we can when running as a VM guest.  RDP is a good
  choice for this, especially on Windows, as it offers good integration
  and can utilise the tools already installed on the host.  This will make
  Ubuntu (desktop) perform and integrate well when running as a guest, and
  show off the desktop in the best light.
  The package has had three CVEs in the last five years.  All of them were 
fixed upstream quickly.
- It uses port 3389.  By default on install this is open to "localhost"
- but the IP address of the machine is not bound to that interface, hence
- you can only connect from the local machine.
+ It uses port 3389.  [TODO: Need to find out if this port is opened
+ automatically, in which case we need to lock it down to not be open by
+ default. We (desktop) will look in to this now and update this summary
+ as needed]
  [Quality assurance]
  There are a relatively low number of bugs in Launchpad. This package is
  well maintained in Debian and upstream are actively developing it.
  All binary deps are in main, or come from the same source package.
  [Standards compliance]
+ FHS compliant
+ Debian Policy compliance:
+  * xorgxrdp includes statically linked xorg modules (xrdpdev_drv.a) as well 
as shared object (xrdpdev_drv.so)
+  * xrdp includes headers and statically linked libs as well as the shared libs
+ Packaging users debhelper compat 11 and quilt
  Desktop Team will take on maintenance of this package.
  [Background information]
  This package provides two levels of functionality.  It can turn an
  Ubuntu machine in to a terminal server, hosting many remote sessions
  from a single machine.  Or it can allow remote KVM(and sound) access to
  a logged in session to allow the desktop to be viewed from another
  location.  It is expected that this second mode will be the default and
  most useful for most users.

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