[12:29] <rbasak> cpaelzer: one note: when you do the next postgresql MRE, get 
the SRU reviewer to accept postgresql-common and want for binaries to be 
published before accepting the others
[12:29] <rbasak> Then the dep8 test will definitely run against the new one.
[12:30] <rbasak> (I don't think a versioned dependency relationship is needed 
[12:30] <rbasak> s/want/wait/
[12:31] <pitti> that's not true
[12:31] <pitti> dependencies are satisfied from relelase/-updates as far as 
[12:31] --> milardovich (~milardovi@ has joined this channel.
[12:32] <pitti> you either need a versioned test dependency, or explicitly 
trigger the test to run against p-common in -proposed
[12:32] <rbasak> Oh.
[12:32] <pitti> (the latter appears better to me)
[12:32] <rbasak> OK we'll do an explicit trigger
[12:32] <rbasak> Thanks
[12:32] <pitti> i. e. see it fail, re-trigger armhf tests against p-common in 
-proposed, that should succeed and also validate the p-common SRU
[12:33] <pitti> although bumping the test dep in postgresql's d/tests/comtrol 
isn't wrong
[12:33] <cpaelzer> just as I did last week with some other migrations
[12:33] <rbasak> I generally shy away from bumping versioned deps to reflect 
bug fixes on the other side
[12:33] <pitti> (except the typoed file name, of course - tpying is hrad!)
[12:34] <rbasak> Seems like a recipe to madness
[12:34] <pitti> yeah, and breaks the clean backports, too
[12:34] <pitti> so I think manual trigger for that one round is just fine
[12:34] <rbasak> Yep

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