------- Comment From frederic.bar...@fr.ibm.com 2018-02-14 13:03 EDT-------
The code for this feature is available in kernel 4.16-rc1, and we'd like to 
backport the following 13 patches for 18.04. They should apply cleanly on a 
4.15 kernel:

7f2c39e91f61 powerpc/powernv: Introduce new PHB type for opencapi links
228c2f410378 powerpc/powernv: Set correct configuration space size for opencapi 
74d656d219b9 powerpc/powernv: Add opal calls for opencapi
6914c757118e powerpc/powernv: Add platform-specific services for opencapi
2cb3d64b2698 powerpc/powernv: Capture actag information for the device
5ef3166e8a32 ocxl: Driver code for 'generic' opencapi devices
aeddad1760ae ocxl: Add AFU interrupt support
280b983ce2b8 ocxl: Add a kernel API for other opencapi drivers
92add22e8478 ocxl: Add trace points
b97f02246e0d ocxl: Add Makefile and Kconfig
741ddae6c4c1 cxl: Remove support for "Processing accelerators" class
00b96c0e3c54 ocxl: Documentation
6385d6f85fec ocxl: add MAINTAINERS entry

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  [Ubuntu 18.04 FEAT] OpenCAPI enabling

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