Ok, this is just at the memcopy above.
I see in this trace that the AC_MEMCPY got mapped to __memmove_ssse3 of 

Lets assume (for the sake of trying something until you have a simplified 
reproducer) that sse3 might be broken in KVM on your system.
I'd expect that the compile time detection switched to memmove and the runtime 
feature detection found sse3 and used that.
We could do two things to try here:
1. we could modify your guest to not expose sse3 and retest in there (-cpu 
qemu64/qemu32 will be without sse3 and without a lot other special HW features 
- if you run with -cpu host you can do "-enable-kvm -cpu host,-sse3" to just 
kill this feature). How do you start your KVM guest (commandline, libvirt, 
other - so we know how to help you modify?
2. we could try to influence the build to not use memmove but memcpy or bcopy 
instead and check if that makes it work.

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  Spurious SEGV running inside kvm

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