I *think* this debian commit could possibly be a good candidate to fix
Artful FTBFS situation.

$ git show a7476dd9
commit a7476dd96e79197f65acf0f049f75ce8e8f9e801
Author: Jan Pokorny <jpoko...@redhat.com>
Date:   Thu Feb 2 14:51:46 2017 +0100

    Fix: crm_mon: protect against non-standard or failing asctime
    So far, we have been likely covered by standards requiring asctime to
    produce an output ending with \n\0 bytes, because otherwise, we would
    overrun the buffer, reading unspecified content, possibly segfaulting.
    This was actually discovered with a brand new GCC7 warning
    ( [-Werror=pointer-compare]).
    Another latent issue was that the code was not ready for the case
    of failing asctime call (returning NULL).  This is now fixed as well.

diff --git a/tools/crm_mon.c b/tools/crm_mon.c
index 776aea8..023b07b 100644
--- a/tools/crm_mon.c
+++ b/tools/crm_mon.c
@@ -954,10 +954,10 @@ print_nvpair(FILE *stream, const char *name, const char 
     /* Otherwise print user-friendly time string */
     } else {
-        char *date_str, *c;
+        static char empty_str[] = "";
+        char *c, *date_str = asctime(localtime(&epoch_time));
-        date_str = asctime(localtime(&epoch_time));
-        for (c = date_str; c != '\0'; ++c) {
+        for (c = (date_str != NULL) ? date_str : empty_str; *c != '\0'; ++c) {
             if (*c == '\n') {
                 *c = '\0';


I'll give it a try and update the case with the outcome of my test.

- Eric

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