** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+  * netplan & networkd based systems typically await networking to be up
+ on boot, without any ability to specify that an interface should be
+ configured, but might not be online at boot. This is a backport of the
+ RequiredForOnline= feature to match optional=true in netplan.
+ [Test Case]
+  * Configure a netowkring interface using .link/.network file and specify 
+  * Bring the interface down / offline it
+  * execute systemd-networkd-wait-online, which should exit immediately since 
no interfaces are required to be online
+ [Regression Potential]
+  * This adds a support for an additional stanza in the network files.
+ This stanza is not used by default. if the stanza is used, but older
+ networkd is in use, networkd will ignore this unknown stanza. Thus this
+ change is backward and forward compatible. The difference is that boot
+ is not blocked awaiting systemd-networkd-wait-online to timeout.
+ [Other Info]
+  * Original bug report
  Add support for RequiredForOnline in networkd
  RequiredForOnline= denotes a link/network that does/does not require being up
  for systemd-networkd-wait-online to consider the system online; this makes it
  possible to ignore devices without modifying parameters to wait-online.

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  Add support for RequiredForOnline in networkd

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