MAAS version: 2.3.0 (6434-gd354690-0ubuntu1~16.04.1)
This is my observation on a Lenovo RS140 with workaround enabled from comment 
Also, to be sure it's not something we've injected, I am using the default 
curtin_userdata, NOT our customized cert one.

1: edit: 
2: sudo service maas-regiond restart
3: sudo service maas-rackd restart
4: Enable Secure Boot on server
5: Re-Commission node in MAAS
5.1: re-commission successful
6: Deploy Bionic
6.1 Bionic fails. Ephemeral boots and deployment proceeds. On reboot, node PXEs 
and gets the boot loader stuff from MAAS and proceeds to boot locally.  This is 
where it fails with this on screen:

Booting local disk...
error: no such device: /efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi.
error: File not found.

Press any key to continue...

Failed to boot both default and fallback entries.

Press any key to continue.

I retried this with Xenial and got the same failure to boot on the
initial reboot.

This is what I have in the template per comments #36 and #38 above:
 cat config.local.amd64.template
set default="0"
set timeout=0

menuentry 'Local' {
    echo 'Booting local disk...'
    {{if kernel_params.osystem == "windows"}}
    search --set=root --file /efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
    chainloader /efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
    search --set=root --file /efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi
    chainloader /efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi

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  Deployments fail when Secure Boot enabled

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