This bug was fixed in the package stress-ng - 0.09.17-1

stress-ng (0.09.17-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * Manual: update date
  * stress-rawdev: make some functions static
  * stress-funcall: fix -Wmissing-declarations warning message
  * stress-file-ioctl: remove extraneous shadowed variable 'ret'
  * stress-madvise: make ret non-clobberable for gcc 4.2.1
  * Add minimum GCC version for Pragma push/pop
  * shim: older gcc required pragmas outside of functions
  * stress-enosys: older gcc required pragmas outside of functions
  * Check for clang version when using pragmas
  * stress-file-ioctl: remove debug printf
  * Add new file-ioctl stressor
  * shim: disable warnings for brk and sbrk for OS X
  * Swap ordering on compiler detection on pragmas
  * stress-enosys: turn off warning on syscall, cleans up OS X warning
  * Add no warning pragma macros
  * Makefile: force sync after build in case reboot loses executable
  * stress-enosys: add syscall7 shim
  * stress-dirdeep: only print info message on instance #0
  * stress-enosys: wrap with OOM catcher (LP: #1750787)
  * stress-dev: add bug reference to hpet failure
  * stress-enosys: exercise more arguments in syscall
  * Manual: udp-lite should be for ipv6 as well as ipv4
  * Manual: update arch specific limitations on lockbus and memthrash
  * Return EXIT_NOT_IMPLEMENTED when system call returns ENOSYS
  * stress-userfaultfd: don't fail with an error if ENOSYS is returned
  * stress-membarrier: don't fail with an error if ENOSYS is returned
  * stress-getrandom: don't fail with an error if ENOSYS is returned
  * helper: make zero more obscure so that optimizer won't optimize
    zero out
  * stress-filename: remove shadowed redundant variable ret
  * Makefile: build perf-event with $(CC) rather gcc
  * stress-wcstr: fix warning on systems without wcs functions
  * job: make fp non-clobberable, cleans up build warning on gcc 4.8.4
  * stress-softlock: clean up clobbering warning on gcc 4.9.2
  * mwc: add more information into the reseed mix
  * stress-filename: don't closedir on a NULL dir pointer
  * Move LIB_DL headers to stress-ng.h
  * stress-dynlib: try to read the function memory to force page fault
  * Manual: fix enosys-ops entry, missing e from enosys-ops
  * Add new dynlib shared library dynamic loading stressor
  * stress-tree: make nodes align naturally with padding
  * stress-tree: move data to start of struct, ensures natural alignment
  * stress-tree: clean splay nodes at removal time
  * stress-tree: ensure splay tree data is cleared
  * stress-exec: drop all capabilities before exec'ing
  * stack-mmap: add MAP_STACK flag

 -- Colin King <>  Thu, 22 Feb 2018 14:04:11

** Changed in: stress-ng (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  enosys test in ubuntu_stress_smoke will failed on Artful

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