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I need to be a bit of a documentation post-fix in this case.
Consider this a "reverse-make-the-bug-correct".

So what is this about, there recently was an upload with the following content:
  * d/p/ubuntu/0001-slirp-Add-domainname-option-to-slirp-s-DHCP-server.patch,   
    Add domainname option and classless static routes support to the user       
    networking's DHCP server

I wondered about a few thing initially:
1. it was FTBFS in B-proposed (that was the first time I realized it was there, 
so I started with a too bad mood). This turned out to be bug 1753826 which I 
fixed, and in general I highly appreciate helping with qemu so good on #1

2. It is a feature add in my POV, so we might want to make this a FFE to
get an ack to be correct (I know it is only 1 day after, but I also
think we would not get a Nack, so why not be fully correct).

3. we missed to push that through the extended regression checks which is fine 
   - it is not documented well yet that we run these before any qemu upload 
(other than people 
     usually on qemu know in the meantime and ping me). We might use this 
opportunity to discuss 
     how to make contributors more aware.
   - I ran it now and it seems good

4. I wondered about how long we have to maintain this as it isn't upstream.
   I found:
   This is accepted and will be in a next qemu release, so it will be in qemu 
at some point and
   can be dropped.
   This is still getting feedback and changes before it will be accepted.
   So we will have the usual "what if" pain if things go upstream way different.
5. trackability
   In general there was no bug explaining the motivation, and due to that no 
bug was linked from 
   the dep3 headers. We have had enough cases to suffer in maintenance when 
nobody knew anymore 
   why things were added in some particular way to no more want this.

What to do now.
0. I failed to reach you on IRC :-/
1. I'll subscribe Benjamin to comment here in general
2. I suggest making this an FFE bug and get an ack by the release Team
3. Benjamin will continue upstreaming, once also the second patch is upstream 
we will
   - update the patch to the accepted form
   - update the dep3 headers to point to the bug
   - update the dep3 headers to point to the upstream commits
4. we will do a cleanup upload to Bionic with the changes of #3

** Affects: qemu (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  slirp: domainname and classic stateless for DHCP

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