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With kernel 4.4, HDMI audio code, e.g. intel_audio.c, cannot build because of 
the compiler error of a wrong number of arguments for function pin_eld_notify.
The Ubuntu kernel headers for the kernel 4.4 series have a file, 
.../drm/i915_component.h which contains a wrong prototype for function 
pin_eld_notify -- an extra argument, "pipe" which should not be present until 
the 4.10 kernel headers.  The site bootlin shows the header without the extra 
argument for the kernels 4.4-4.9, only appearing in the 4.10 kernel code.
>From i915_comnponent.h
struct i915_audio_component_audio_ops {
         * @audio_ptr: Pointer to be used in call to pin_eld_notify
        void *audio_ptr;
         * @pin_eld_notify: Notify the HDA driver that pin sense and/or ELD 
information has changed
         * Called when the i915 driver has set up audio pipeline or has just
         * begun to tear it down. This allows the HDA driver to update its
         * status accordingly (even when the HDA controller is in power save
         * mode).
        void (*pin_eld_notify)(void *audio_ptr, int port, int pipe);
/* =====================================================^^^^^^^^^^   BAD CODE

Remove the ",int pipe", and the HDMI audio driver code using
intel_audio.c may be built with the 4.4 kernel.  This header fix is
needed for the Intel Compute Stick STK1A8LFC running Ubuntu 14.04 when
upgraded to the 4.4 kernel.

** Affects: linux-lts-xenial (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  i915_component.h has wrong prototype for function pin_eld_notify
  causing HDMI audio driver build problems

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