More testing shows that:
1. Deployment with Artful is good.
2. Manual upgrade to 4.13.0-37 and reboot is good

Need to check why it's not working with our jenkins job.
There was a successful deployment yesterday, but not today.

** Description changed:

  This issue was only spotted with a specific HW, node "fozzie" Dell
  PowerEdge R320, in our test pool. Other nodes like onibi (Dell PowerEdge
  R310), gonzo (Dell PowerEdge R415), pepe (Dell PowerEdge R310), onza
  (Dell PowerEdge R310) they don't have such issue.
-   1. Deploy the system with i386 Artful
+   1. Deploy the system with i386 Artful, with a SRU regression-testing job on 
    * The deployment task will fail, from the virtual console you will see 
kernel panic error message
+ The deployment will stuck here after the "Rebooting for dist-upgrade" task:
+ + /var/lib/jenkins/kernel-testing/metal --debug --nc --series=artful 
--arch=i386 --flavour=generic --required-kernel-version=4.13.0-37.42 
--pkg-name=None fozzie
+  . Provisioner setup
+         Releasing...       
+         Allocating...       
+         Deploying...       
+         Deployed       
+  . Fixup /etc/hosts
+  . Remove /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90curtin-aptproxy
+  . Enabling Proposed
+  . Enabling Src
+  . for the pure love of rebooting
+  . Disabling Periodic APT Updates
+  . Installing python-minimal
+  . Installing Required Packages
+  . Dist Upgrade
+  . Rebooting for dist-upgrade
+ Build was aborted
  Here is the MaaS deployment log:

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  Artful i386 with MaaS deployment will bump into kernel panic issue

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