------- Comment From bren...@br.ibm.com 2018-04-04 08:50 EDT-------
Hi Frank,

First of all, thanks for caring about this bug and accepting the out-of-
the-tree patches.

You are right, the motivation to include this patchset is to re-enable
the HTM in the KVM guests. So, we just need to schedule the fixes on
both side.

Here are some assumptions I have:

1) If you need to revert the qemu-kvm "HTM off" patches right now, We
can survive, since we have a internal kernel that contains the fix, and
we can use this custom kernel in the mean time. Not a big deal.

2) On the other side, I understand that the Final Freeze for Ubuntu will
be in April 19th, so, we still have some time to release qemu, how long
can we wait without affecting the time to we spend testing this package?

3) Releasing the fixed kernel prior to the fixed qemu package would be
better than the other way around.

4) Can't we fix fix qemu now and keep it in the proposed until the
kernel is released?


------- Comment From lagar...@br.ibm.com 2018-04-04 08:55 EDT-------
One other possibility could be to have the changes going into the kernel and, 
then, remove the workaround from QEMU. QEMU with the workaround should continue 
to work with the kernel with the proper changes. HTM will be disabled in the 
guests, which would not be needed anymore, but would not block a VM from 

Anyway, I am OK either way. We need to make progress here and I
understand this came in late. We need to have the fixes in the kernel
and the workaround out of QEMU. If that means we will have a broken QEMU
for few days, that would be OK. We can continue our tests with previous
versions of kernel and QEMU until everything is settled in bionic
repositories or disable HTM by hand when running tests.

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  Ubuntu18.04:POWER9:DD2.2 - Unable to start a KVM guest with default
  machine type(pseries-bionic) complaining "KVM implementation does not
  support Transactional Memory, try cap-htm=off" (kvm)

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