- if you press the "Back" key after partitioning, Ubiquity fails to repartition 
(Ubuntu 18.04-beta2), possibly bricking your PC.

This is definitely a problem because it bricked my Surface Pro 2:
- the error message only said there was an error, without any explanation;
- same error even after changing the formatting options (encryption, etc);
- after a reboot, Surface Pro 2 always shows its BIOS menu (which is limited to 
only two options: Secureboot and TPM) and won't boot Ubuntu USB installation 
- the LED near the microSD port of the Surface will blink the sequence "3 
short, 3 short, 3 short, 4 short, 1 long", meaning Firmware Panic "Secure Boot 
Loader loop"
- if you try to start the Ubuntu USB drive installation, it will blink "3 
short, 4 short, 2 short, 1 short, 1 long" and won't boot anyway.

Why it happened:
- after starting installation and selecting Erase Disk + LVM encryption and 
clicking on Continue, I noticed I had Caps Lock still set; thus I clicked the 
"Go back" key when it became available again, wishing to restart the procedure 
using a password without all-caps; Ubiquity wouldn't be anymore able to go on.

- repartitioning and formatting should only end when the partitions are in a 
clean state (for example including EFI files/structures required to boot).

Workaround: reinstall Windows from its "Recovery" USB drive (this will wipe the 
internal SSD and set up a clean EFI thing), then reinstall Ubuntu again:
- enable secure boot again from BIOS (power on while keeping VolumeDown pressed 
until the BIOS menu appears);
- reinstall Windows 8.1 from Recovery Drive (I created it on day one and kept 
that 8Gb USB drive in a safe place, including credentials for my never used 
Microsoft Account and my alternate email to receive the safe code at install 
time; the limited BIOS of the Surface Pro 2 will boot a Recovery Drive only if 
secure boot is enabled);
- boot Windows and go to PC Settings, select Alternate Boot menu (in the Update 
section of Settings) and choose USB drive boot;
- it won't boot Ubuntu USB drive at first (because it requires secure boot 
disabled); power off, then, while keeping the VolumeDown pressed, power on 
again and disable secure boot; then power off, insert Ubuntu install in the USB 
drive, keep VolumeDown pressed while powering on
- install Ubuntu as usual without going "Back" after partitioning.

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  Crash after formatting with LVM and encryption

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