@herrtimson from my tests that patch does not resolve the strd r2, r3,
[r1] crash on Xenial. However, I do believe it's entirely possible that
it indirectly fixed the issue with your gcc-7 toolchain. I'm starting to
wonder if this crash does not have a single cause but rather is a
codepath that Firefox goes down if there is one of many possible
failures in startup.

In addition to the Bionic build above, this weekend I got a Raspbian
Stretch build working:
-stretch-rpi2_armhf.deb?dl=0 with some overview on the forums:

I used Bionic sources (deb-src http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/
bionic main restricted) in a Stretch container (gcc-6). Initially it
crashed on the same strd, so I tried switching to clang and then
encountered the same "undefined reference to `free'" errors you guys had
mentioned. These come about mainly due it not being supported to call
free() before declaration in C99, so then the fix was to add #include
<stdlib.h> in a couple places.

I don't think I'll attempt another Xenial or Trusty build anytime soon.
I'd like to get some fixes documented and patches submitted upstream so
that others can start building Firefox armhf across more platforms.
Anyone can still run the 18.04 binary I linked earlier on 16.04 (and
possibly 14.04) using the LD_PRELOAD trick.

As for how Arch Linux has been working, I've confirmed it's due to
--disable-stylo (mentioned a while ago on the Raspberry Pi forum
thread). If I add that flag (while leaving SK_JUMPER_USE_ASSEMBLY
intact) then Firefox runs. For some reason the Stylo flag does not get
listed in about:buildconfig but it's a very different build path when
MOZ_STYLO is disabled, and Stylo is still disabled for Android nightly

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  Firefox crashes at start on armv7L after 55.0.1 update

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