It looks like this can be fixed by copying (parts of) the _put() method
from bzrlib

    def _put(self, abspath, f, mode=None):
        """Helper function so both put() and copy_abspaths can reuse the code"""
        tmp_abspath = '%s.tmp.%.9f.%d.%d' % (abspath, time.time(),
                        os.getpid(), random.randint(0,0x7FFFFFFF))
        fout = self._sftp_open_exclusive(tmp_abspath, mode=mode)
        closed = False
                length = self._pump(f, fout)
            except (IOError, paramiko.SSHException), e:
                self._translate_io_exception(e, tmp_abspath)
            # XXX: This doesn't truly help like we would like it to.
            #      The problem is that openssh strips sticky bits. So while we
            #      can properly set group write permission, we lose the group
            #      sticky bit. So it is probably best to stop chmodding, and
            #      just tell users that they need to set the umask correctly.
            #      The attr.st_mode = mode, in _sftp_open_exclusive
            #      will handle when the user wants the final mode to be more
            #      restrictive. And then we avoid a round trip. Unless
            #      paramiko decides to expose an async chmod()

            # This is designed to chmod() right before we close.
            # Because we set_pipelined() earlier, theoretically we might
            # avoid the round trip for fout.close()
            if mode is not None:
                self._get_sftp().chmod(tmp_abspath, mode)
            closed = True
            self._rename_and_overwrite(tmp_abspath, abspath)
            return length
        except Exception, e:
            # If we fail, try to clean up the temporary file
            # before we throw the exception
            # but don't let another exception mess things up
            # Write out the traceback, because otherwise
            # the catch and throw destroys it
            import traceback
                if not closed:
                # raise the saved except
                raise e
            # raise the original with its traceback if we can.

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  regression: sftp method no longer uses temporary file name during

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